Friday, November 30, 2012

Final Report on PLN

For my final PLN I cut down the number of resources significantly. I wanted to display the resources I used most often or found most helpful. On my last PLN assignment my main goal was just to take up space and fill up the Symbaloo squares. Also on my last assignment I had to modify the height and width because my PLN was so large. In doing that, it caused my PLN to have scroll bars and I wasn't a huge fan of that. I didn't feel it looked professional. Now that I have cut down on the number of resources my PLN fits perfectly on my blog homepage. I also feel it more accurately displays the sources I used to help me throughout the semester. My most helpful tool throughout the semester was probably the list of students from previous semesters. If I ever got confused about an assignment I would just find a reliable student from one of the past semesters and see how they completed the assignment in question. The tool that I was most excited to learn this semester was Prezi. I felt like Prezis stood out as an educational tool. They're like an upgrade from PowerPoint, and I know I personally hate PowerPoint. I even sent my brother a copy of my Prezi presentation because he works with the marketing department of KRAFT and he's now learning how to create his own to present his pitches to the company. Overall, though my PLN is smaller than it was originally was, I feel it is more helpful and resourceful.

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