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C4K Summary for October

Social Butterfly's Post on September 11, 2012.
Sharon's Blog Post
I left a comment for a little girl named Sharon. She's in the seventh grade and lives in Canada. In her post she never exactly says her name. She goes by the alias "Social Butterfly". Her post was a summary of herself. She goes into short detail of her likes and passions. She loves music and in her spare time likes singing, dancing, and babysitting. She also mention briefly that she likes snakes! From that, I took that she is a very adventurous little girl.

I commented back to "Social Butterfly" and told her that I shared her love of music. I even gave her the names of a few, appropriate, bands and artists I like right now. I also told her that she was a braver woman than I for her love of snakes.

To read Sharon's blog yourself, please click here.

Wills' Blog Post on September 17, 2012
Wills' Blog Post

Wills more recent blog post was just a picture of his paintball gun he bought. So, I decided to comment on the post he made minutes before that one because it had more content in it. This post was a basic questionnaire Wills filled out. It asked question like "What's your favorite..." and so on and so forth. Wills added in this post that his favorite television show was Prison Break. I thought that show to be a little mature for a child his age; but, I commented on his post saying that I enjoyed the show as well. Also in his post he put that his favorite subject in school was lunch. I found that to be quite amusing. I would have put the same thing if I were still his age.

You can read Wills' blog yourself by clicking here.

Vitulli & Santoli: Eyes on Ireland
The Meeting on the Turret Stairs
I was originally assigned to post about the fourth post above #1, but alas, there were not enough posts. So, I counted the fourth down and struck this.

The Meeting on the Turret Stairs

This particular blog post is an elaboration by Ms. Vitulli about a stunning watercolor painting. She said she first discovered the painting the gift shop of the National Gallery of Ireland. Having immediately fallen in love with the painting, she buys numerous objects displaying the painting. She then becomes puzzled because she does not remember seeing the original painting in the gallery. So she and Dr. Santoli ask about the painting. It turns out that the painting is so old and fragile due to the state of the watercolor that it is only displayed an hour a day, three days a week. Vitulli and Santoli are blown away. They then plan to return to the galley and view the painting during one of its hour slots. The ladies then decide to turn this into a learning opportunity. They post this assignment:


Being an art enthusiast and a hopeful history teacher, I thought this was a great assignment. It requires the students to research the painting to find background information and it also triggers their creative skills. What do you think is going to happen? What do you think already happened? What do you think they are doing? What is your interpretation of this painting? If you created this painting yourself, how does the story actually happen? Assignments like this aid in instilling appreciation of the arts. It also helps solidify history. They can see the workmanship that was put into it so long ago and makes them think more deeply about the work.

To read this blog yourself, please click here.

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