Thursday, November 15, 2012

Blog Post #12

Hillary's Blog Assignment
For my assignment, I chose to center it around Pinterest. Pinterset is a website that accumulates every kind of blog, arts and craft, recipe, DIY project, lesson plan, etc. all onto one website. With this assignment I want the student to imagine running their own classroom for a day. What would you need? Anything you can think of can be found on Pinterest.

For this assignment I would like the student to:
1.) Find a lesson plan corresponding with the subject you wish to teach
2.) Find an activity that correlates with your lesson plan
3.) Find a picture to represent your lesson
4.) Find a book related to your chosen topic that you could assign to your students

My Assignment Example:
1.) Propaganda and World War II
I chose this lesson plan because it brings in a big part of WWII. It, not only, incorporates propaganda from the United States, but it also uses examples from the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. The website this lesson plan is from also gives a detailed description about the lesson plan and makes sure the sources are credible.

2.) WWII Video Quiz
I chose this activity because I believe it is important to watch movies and film in history classes. You cannot learn and retain history by simply reading from a text book. The quiz gets the students thinking about what they're watching. It also helps them make sure they understand what is going on.

World War II

4.) I chose this book because it is for learners who are just starting to learn about World War II. Since I am planning on being a secondary teacher I felt this was an appropriate difficulty for that age group.
Second World War


  1. Wow! Pinterest is really popular. 3 out of first 6 I have read. I'll add it next semester. Thanks.

  2. I love Pinterest! I have gotten all of my wedding ideas from it as well as recipes, crafts and so much more!I envy you for being interested in History, and I really liked your blog assignment.

    Lyndsie VanHorn